Fireside Chat

The founder’s mentality revisited

Prins Hendriksoord, Den Dolder
16:00 – 22:00

Fireside chats

During the so-called ‘Fireside chats’ at the beautiful Prins Hendriksoord, we will discuss specific and contemporary topics with a small group from different disciplines. These discussion will take place in a confidential and homely atmosphere, where the Chatham House Rules apply.

The founder’s mentality revisited

Ton van Veen became CEO of Jumbo earlier this year in turbulent times for the company. Jumbo’s immense success story saw the organisation venture with success in different worlds (think F1, cycling) etc. At the same time society, customers expectations, values etc. changed enormously. Ton will share with us in this roundtable how he will take Jumbo back to its founder’s mentality and where the application of this culture has to be adapted to the digital, conscience and engaged society of today and tomorrow.

Where because of same-day shipping and real-time tracking customers expect to get what they want and when they want it. Keeping up with this demand is putting unprecedented pressure on traditional businesses, and nowhere is that being felt more keenly than within the retail industry. Afterward we will discuss together if and how far we are with our own company founder’s mentality 2.0


16:00                Reception
16:30                Start of Round Table Discussion with an introduction by  Ton van Veen (CEO Jumbo Supermarkten).
18:00                Drinks & Dinner

Prins Hendriksoord 
Soestdijkerweg 17
3734 MG Den Dolder

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