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Prins Hendriksoord, Den Dolder
16:00 – 22:00

Fireside chats

During the so-called ‘Fireside chats’ at the beautiful Prins Hendriksoord, we will discuss specific and contemporary topics with a small group from different disciplines. These discussion will take place in a confidential and homely atmosphere, where the Chatham House Rules apply.

Fire side chat

What do mega trends (sustainability, a.i. etc) mean for PON Holdings in general and PON Automotive specifically? PON automotive is of course the core from which PON Holdings has become the company it is today, but as PON has diversified enormously and diversifies only further, what does this mean for the development & role of automotive in the holdings? What are the driving factors of change for automotive? How does it react to these and which moves does it plan next? How much does it take the internal chessboard of different businesses with different strategies and politics into account? After Rudolf his story we discuss with eachother the mega trends driving the development of the different organisations at the table, what changes (people, process, technology, culture) are needed to meet those and the internal chessboard impacting the speed and magnitude of the change we are making.


16:00                Reception
16:30                Start of Round Table Discussion with an introduction by Rudolf Nieweg (CFO Pon Automotive)
18:00                Drinks & Dinner

Prins Hendriksoord 
Soestdijkerweg 17
3734 MG Den Dolder

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