CFO with impact serie:

short term pressure vs long term value

Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, Baarn
16:00 – 22:00

CFO with impact serie Short-term pressure vs long-term value

What is a CFO’s role in striking the balance between short-term pressure and long-term value? For this discussion Dolf van den Brink, CEO HEINEKEN, will share his perspective and expectations for the Finance function.

In the discussion we like to hear about your journey. What do you expect from the CEO and what does he or she expect from you? Where do stakeholders drive you to different, sometimes conflicting outcomes? How do you and your Finance function strike the right balance between managing short-term pressure and pursuing long-term value?

Your action

To make the discussion as practical and relevant as possible we ask thirty minutes of your time in the weeks leading up to it, to hear your expectations, input and questions for the discussion. This input will guide the discussion.

About the CFOs with Impact Series

The CFOs with Impact series provides a platform for CFO’s to exchange ideas and insights, and share global experiences and expertise in a confidential setting, facilitated by EY in collaboration with Network C, and supported by recognized EY experts, thought leaders, societal leaders, and/or C-level executives.

The forum aims to explore top-of-mind issues and challenges related to making a positive impact in business and society. Through sharing achievements, challenges, and perspectives, CFOs can collaborate to develop tangible actions towards achieving their goals.

Jan Peter Balkenende, Former Prime-Minister of the Netherlands and Senior External Advisor to EY, serves as the moderator for the discussions.


16:00                Reception
16:30                Start of Round Table Discussion with Dolf van den Brink, (CEO HEINEKEN) and Jan Peter Balkenende (Moderator)

18:00                Drinks & Dinner

Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche

Hilversumsestraatweg 14,

3744 KC Baarn

Contact us at stefaniegrimbergen@networkc.nl

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