Fireside chat

How to determine the value of technology and stay in control of technology investments?

Prins Hendriksoord, Den Dolder
16:00 – 22:00

Fireside chats

During the so-called ‘Fireside chats’ we will discuss specific and contemporary topics with a small group from different disciplines. These discussions will take place in a confidential and homely atmosphere, where the Chatham House Rules apply.

How to determine the value of technology and stay in control of technology investments?

During this roundtable we will discuss an often heard questions for both Finance and Tech. How do we value technology? To do this, you have to bring in card both the specific costs but also the qualitative and quantitative benefits. Easier said then done. Regarding costs it is a challenge for many companies and regarding benefits the question is: how large do we take the scope? How do we measure qualitative benefits like: customer experience, more quality, beter collaboration etc. Which technological investment do really bring real value for the business like more market share, profit or revenue? And which, that we qualify as value are if we are honest with ourselves ”make believe value”? We want to discuss together how to make sure that our own promises and those of the technology organisations that sell their products and services to us, come true. We will also discuss how we avoid project creep? And how Tech and Finance can and should work better toghether to achieve better results? Ingo van den Houten, Head of Tech Finance Europe AholdDelhaize and Caroline Fluit, non-executive director BDR Thermea will start the discussion by sharing how they from their experience and roles help answer above questions. Afterwards we share experiences and challenges.


16.00h            Reception
16.30h            Start Roundtable discussion 
18.15h            Drinks                                
19:00h            Dinner   

Prins Hendriksoord

Soestdijkerweg 17

3734MG, Den Dolder


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