Finance Leaders (English)

Prins Hendriksoord, Den Dolder
16:00 – 22:00


During the so-called ‘Huiskamersessie’ at the beautiful Prins Hendriksoord, we will discuss specific and contemporary topics with a small group from different disciplines. This discussion will take place in a confidential en homely atmosphere, where the Chatham House Rules apply.

How does your transformation fit your company culture?

When you make your company more efficient, what do you change even though it is part of company culture and tradition? What do you choose not to transform even though it would make you more efficient? What is your thinking behind this?


16:00                Reception
16:30                Start of Round Table Discussion with an introduction by Danie ter Blanche (Accounting & reporting manager Heineken)
18:00                Drinks & Dinner

Prins Hendriksoord 
Soestdijkerweg 17
3734 MG Den Dolder

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